Life’s accidents can also be life’s blessings

There are many wonderful programs in our community that bring neighbors together. One of them is Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was recently matched with my little brother, 13-year-old James. This is a story about their first BIG adventure.

During our first outing a week ago, I fell walking through the Big Ditch and fractured my elbow. It took me 33 years to break a bone. At the time of the fall James and I tried to laugh it off. I dried myself off and took him home.

We had an adventurous day to say the least. James loves dogs. The Hurley Animal Shelter was our first stop of the day. The facility was closed but we stood outside of the property’s barbwire fence. The dogs were barking in unison and I could barely hear James rattle off the names of each of the canines. He knows and loves them all.

He tells me that there was recently a dog there, which was a pit bull – chihuahua mix. I told him that even that was too hard for me to believe but he insisted it was true.

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