Match Activities

Here are some fun, low-cost to free activities for matches to do together!  Be sure to check back because our Virtual Match Committee will be working to provide new ideas each month!


Be sure to check the calendar regularly for information on upcoming Match Activities!

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Virtual Activities for January:

  1. Goal Setting Worksheets for the New Year:

  2. 360 Peek into Caribbean Reef:

  3. Storytime from Space:

  4. 20 Fun Zoom Games for Kids:

  5. Smithsonian’s National Zoo:

  6. Why Do Bears Hibernate?:

  7. Snow Storm Experiment:

  8. Building Igloos:

  9. A month of Winter Activities:

  10. Winter Stem:

  11. Make a bucket list and set your goals for 2021!

  12. Take Virtual tours around New Mexico!

  13. Writing prompts: CLICK HERE to download

  14. Yoga for Virtual Learners:

  15. Virtual instruments: